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Operation Hours: 10:00 Hrs - 22:00 Hrs.
Essence Café has curated a modern dining experience inspired by Chinese traditions that create an elegant and intimate dining experience. The traditional marble tables and chairs setting, vinyl floor creates an evocative atmosphere with the look borne out most strikingly in the geometric exterior. Essence Café provides a nook for savoring a light afternoon snack with homemade pastries, coffee and tea, a taste of local delicacy like Laksa, or a heartier Cantonese cuisine.

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Operation Hours: 07:00 Hrs - 21:00 Hrs.
Sweets & Treats Cafe situated at the front terrace of Likas Square Commercial Centre building. It has its own charming, welcoming and cozy atmosphere with a view of Likas bay and flows of sea breezes. The linear open kitchen welcomes its patrons as they enter towards the dining area that has an array of pastries, cakes, drinks, etc that is ready to be served. The decorative fragile and airy hanging lamps and the outdoor furniture mixes well with the contemporary and transparent idea of the cafe. The Long Curving space is spatial arrangement and artistic elements, creates an ambiance of strong, memorable character that takes its significant scenery.

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